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Fund Appeal!

Dear Centralites!

We as old boys of Jaffna Central College have a duty to bring back our school to the spotlight in terms of its educational achievements.

Our target is to raise around 52 million rupees and place this fund on a fixed deposit account. Without using the capital, the interest received from this fund will be used to award scholarships to brighter and poorer students from year 6. It will also be used to help the year 3 to 5 students to prepare for the year 5 scholarship exams by doing paper class and past papers. Also, we wish to raise the standards of all students from year 3 to 5.

If you donate 5 lakhs (Rupees) or more, as a way to show our gratitude, your name will be displayed on scholarship donor’s board in the school permanently. A big thank you to the 10 old students including all founder members who have already donated and 10 other old boys who have pledged their support for this project.

Remember your generosity will make a difference to a student’s life and career, regardless of the size. This will enable us to bring our school back into the spotlight within Jaffna district and beyond which we all can be proud of.

JCC Edu Care Trust

Registration number in Sri Lanka: GA3244

Our Bank Account Details

Sampath Bank PLC

Jaffna Branch.

No 56/16, Link Road Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Account Name – J.C.C. Edu Care Trust.

Account No – 012010001534

Swift code – BSAMLKLX