Invest In Education

What Our Aim?

  • Sponsor 25-30 intelligent students in each class from Year 6 to A/L
  • School will offer a separate class similar to the ones they have now for the kids whom have passed scholarship at JCC in 2014. And monitor their performance from Year 6 compared district, province and national level.
  • This will enrich the standard of education as well as it will improve and have a healthy competition with other kids.
  • This will guarantee we will get far greater success in our O/L and A/L results. And this will attract other gifted and talented kids to join JCC as supposed to other major schools in Jaffna.
  • Let’s JCC to produce certain amount of real talents constantly – doctors, engineers, accountants, IT specialists, teachers and successful business people.
  • Apart from higher achievers, all other students who leave the school are good citizens in the society and in the country as a whole.