Invest In Education

How We Execute It?

  • Bring all OBA’s around world together under one umbrella with the sole purpose of Education!
  • OBA’s are to focus on this exclusive project for the next 3 year to finance.
  • Set up a ‘JCC Edu Care Trust’ independent governing committee in Srilanka, Chaired by our Principal and the committee members who are elected by OBA’s committee. Ideally, elected committee members able to work independently.
  • OBA presidents should be involved in this and the fact that the annual accounts should be prepared on time and be readily available for all stakeholders.
  • JCC Edu Care Trust committee identify and filter those eligible students by visiting primary schools, advertising in newspapers etc.
  • OBA’s fund must be in a newly set up JCC Edu Care Trust account.
  • Launch appropriate fund raising campaigns for JCC Edu Care Trust locally and globally.
  • Get the Individuals who can afford to donate of Rs.5,00,000 (5 Lakhs) in their own Edu Care Trust. (This can be paid by three instalments over 3 years) and show our appreciation to have their/ family name on the scholarship donor’s board at school (preliminarily approved by school principal)