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Welcome to the JCC Edu Care Trust

Welcome to the JCC Edu Care Trust – a special educational trust designed to provide high quality specialist education for between 20 to 25 carefully chosen pupils every year from year 6 to A-levels. JCC Edu Care Trust is run in conjunction with JCC School in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and has been set up by a JCC OBA’s around the world, concerned benefactors and philanthropists.

JCC School is situated in the heart of Jaffna, and has been badly affected by over 30 years of conflict which has seriously hampered the prospects of students attaining their full potential and becoming valued members of society. JCC Edu Care Trust is specifically designed to fast track talented pupils and help them become successful and compassionate, who in turn will influence others to succeed.

The Trust provides excellent teaching facilities, a support structure, focussing on both educational excellence and pastoral care. Importantly the scholarship programme is run with JCC School which will enhance and improve every aspect of JCC School to the benefit of all students academically and in sports.

The clear aim of JCC Edu Care Trust is to provide the opportunity for ambitious young students the chance to reach their full potential and succeed in life.

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