Invest In Education

R. Nanthakumar – Tasmania

Dated Posted: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

I welcome the initiative taken to inaugurate the Jaffna Central College EDU CARE TRUST. This type of program will definitely promote and support the underprivileged and talented students to gain and enhance their education on a continuous basis. For the last three years as the provider of the “Deserving Students Scholarship Fund Program by Nanthakumar” I have seen the student’s development and improvement on a continuous basis from their young age (Grade 6). I am very confident that this type of programs will bring pride and honour to all Centralites and the related community.

I take this opportunity to pass my well wishes to all the members for their physical and financial effort to make this a successful program. All these efforts are in line with our motto ‘IN GLORIAM DEI OPTIMI MAXIMI’ as on our college crest.

Mr. R. Nanthakumar