Invest In Education

OBA President – Colombo

Dated Posted: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Dear Founder Members

Our congratulations to the six London based old boys for their foresight to invest in a long term Educational Project. JCC’s past 200 years is worthy of celebration in very many ways, solemn and grand. Equally important is the noble cause to strengthen the present and prepare our beloved College for a stable future in the field of Education. To be on par with the best in the island. We have no doubt that the JECT will serve such purpose meaningfully, growing from strength to strength in the years ahead with the financial support of our old boys from all over the world.

We say it with modest pride and solitude based on the Colombo OBA’s nearly 14 years of rich experience, managing the Joint Scholarship Scheme to the benefit of the needy Advance Level students and the University Undergrads from Central. The proposed JECT, as we learn, is designed to assist the intelligent and the needy students of our Alma Mater from the very beginning. A much needed boost to the less-privileged. Our salutations for the praise-worthy Project and the Sincere Six Promoters from London. You set the pace indeed. We are proud of you, fellow Centralites.
Our wishes for the Project to deep-root itself and grow into a giant tree that would shade and shape the lives of many students, in the years to come.

Mr. S S Sivakumar