Invest In Education

OBA President – Jaffna

Dated Posted: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

As president of the Central College Parent OBA, I feel really proud to send this message of heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the 1989 batch of our old boys’ for coming forward to give a chance to receive primary and secondary education in our school to some of the most financially disadvantaged children in Jaffna as well as to deserving students from outside. Even though we have free education in our country, many children through poverty and deprivation miss out on education. This is therefore an innovative, caring and fully initiated by 89 batch and funded project by the 89 batch and rest of the old boys’ to give a life chance to children, who will otherwise be denied of good and all-round education and employment opportunities in their later years, which is a chronic problem at present in our region. We are setting a good example to the whole country by giving a helping hand to uplift the disadvantaged children in our society.

This is indeed a magnanimous effort by our 1989 batch and rest of the old boys. I thank them (Vijay, Kamal & Krishna) and congratulate them from the bottom of my heart and wish the Edu Care Trust all success in the coming years. I will wait and watch your success story with pride and interest.

Mr. Nadarajah Thamil Alagan