Invest In Education

OBA President – UK

Dated Posted: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

It gives me great pleasure to send this message on the day of inaugural of the Edu Care Trust during our Bicentennial celebration in March 2016. I wish Edu Care Trust Founders every success on their project that they have undertaken to boost our students’ confident level, to be succeeded academically. As the president of Jaffna Central College OB & GA UK, I am so proud of the founders of the Edu Care Trust for having taken the initiation and the load of the work to kick start the Trust who are also the members of our UK OBA and few of them are in the executive committee too.

With the help and the blessings of every OBA around the world, I hope Edu Care Trust will bring the bright sight to our students in Education. I give assure that JCC OB & GA UK, will provide all its support to Edu care Trust to move ahead in the right path to achieve its goal. Once again I wish them all the success.

Mr. V. Paul Prahalathan
”Education, more than anything else,
Improves our chances of building better lives”-Nelson Mandela